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Welcome to LinkUnity, your best choice for renting out a LinkedIn account. If you want to improve your LinkedIn strategy, our verified and real LinkedIn profiles will get you to where you want when you expect it and with the least number of uncertainties.
Persona verified with NFC passport
Successfully restore restricted profiles
Profile delivery within 24 hours
Personalized connection setup
EU profiles
Dedicated support
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Lead & Meeting Calculator
Quickly estimate the potential leads and meetings you can generate based on your LinkedIn accounts
02 - Examples

Let us give you some examples of our accounts

We want to be as open as possible, so we have no problem providing open information about our accounts

It's important to remember - we only rent real accounts with verification passed

This is what makes us different from other services and at the moment - we are the only ones who are able to surrender real accounts

Why are real accounts so important?
Verification Process
Initial Verification
To ensure the use of legitimate and active accounts, each profile passes Persona verification run against LinkedIn's parameters to filter out the account that doesn't meet the set standards of activity and legitimacy.
Secondary Verification
The second layer of verification is being performed before any rental to ensure compliance and safety lastly. This step gives our customers the reassurance and peace of mind that their accounts remain secure throughout the rental process.
Verified Real LinkedIn accounts
vs Fake linkedin accounts
Why Choose Us Over Other Vendors?
Support Response Time
In our case, the support team ensures immediate assistance by answering your questions within 10 minutes, hence issues get resolved promptly. ⁤
Verification Checks
We provide the values of accounts in a system with good verification ticks, always sticking to the principle of authenticity, which is certainly the association's biggest asset. ⁤
Account Warm-Up
As an introductory part of the service, we give 14 days of warm-up to new accounts as a bonus. ⁤⁤This is to allow the clients the chance to get used to the whole process, which gives them the safety and the ability to use the systems once they get used to them. ⁤
Competitive Pricing
Our pricing is planned carefully so we are being competitive by the amount without sacrificing the quality.
Setup and Customization
We provide the main parts of account set-ups and customizations, making the process less problematic. ⁤
04 - Prices
Flexible Pricing Plans to Suit Your LinkedIn Needs
Invest in Quality. Our accounts come with quality and reliability that helps you to easily scale your Linkedin campaigns faster and efficiently
Unsure of your decision? Connect with our team to get personalized demo
11-50 accounts
Fully operational account
ID Verification passed
Replacement guarantee
Up to 10 accounts
Fully operational account
ID Verification passed
Replacement guarantee
51+ accounts
Fully operational account
ID Verification passed
Replacement guarantee
05 - Receive
How to get accounts
We will call to discuss your needs and find the best solution
Book a call
We will guide you through the account connection process and provide you with exclusive terms from our partners
Connecting accounts
We will prepare any convenient invoice for you and accompany you at all stages of the transaction
Online payment
After that you will be able to use your accounts for any of your purposes
06 - Testimonials
Hear from Our Satisfied Clients
Here's what our clients say about us:
Inspired by our clients' success? Join them and start achieving your LinkedIn goals today with LinkUnity.
Marketing Manager, Acme Corporation
David Smith
I really didn't expect it to be so easy to rent accounts and connect to our automation service. My thanks to Nick and Roman for their help with the setup. We'll keep working on this and more!
CEO, Bonna Donna
Michael Brown
I've tried LinkedIn accounts from other providers, but LinkUnity is by far the best. The accounts are easy to connect and not blocked, and the customer support is top notch.
Sales Representative, Tiggy
I was hesitant to try renting a LinkedIn account, but I'm so glad I did! I was able to connect with more potential clients and close more deals than ever before
Charlz Jones
Freelance Consultant
Everything is great, the accounts work and I was able to connect them without any problems. So let me just say that I recommend this provider
Vinny Miller
07 - Call
Plese feel free to book a discovery call with us to learn more
We guarantee that you will benefit from meeting with us
08 - Leave a request
If you still have any questions - you can contact us via the form
We will contact you and answer everything!
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Rent the best LinkedIn profiles, validated by real people and
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